Waterfox 53.0.1

Waterfox 53.0.1

License: Free
Language: English
Developer: Waterfox
Platform: Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP
File size: 77.59mb
Last Updated: 2017-05-15

Waterfox 53.0.1

If you want to continue running Firefox, yet would prefer to run an application that takes full advantage of your 64-bit operating system, then Waterfox is certainly a contender.

Waterfox is essentially Mozilla Firefox’s code compiled as a 64-bit application for Windows. It includes support for all of Firefox’s features including plug-ins, extensions and everything else you expect Firefox to do. Visually, the only different layout feature you might notice is the blue logo.

In terms of speed, we noticed that running Waterfox on a 64-bit system just makes your browsing experience faster. Loading web pages, JavaScript-intensive applications and even videos with this 64-bit browser just seemed much faster. In terms of issues you might have with Firefox, they will probably just be replicated by Waterfox.

At the end of reviewing this program, we are actually in the middle of replacing many of our Firefox installations with Waterfox!

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