Universal SQL Editor

Universal SQL Editor

License: Free
Language: English
Developer: Ming Software
Platform: Windows 10 / Windows 8
File size: 1.8MB
Last Updated: 2017-05-26

Universal SQL Editor

Universal SQL Editor is a visually aided database code editor. Support for all ODBC compliant databases is included, meaning support for Oracle, mySQL and Postgres are naturally part of that package.

This SQL editor certainly makes life easier for coders and people working often with databases, however if you’re new to databases and don’t really know your way around, we’d suggest reading a book first before diving in to SQL — that goes for using this SQL editor, too!

The software features all kinds of tools to help you get by while coding neat and fast queries. Universal SQL Editor also includes tools to group and filter results while offering support for exporting results to Excel spreadsheets and other formats.

Overall, writing code with the highlighting Universal SQL Editor uses takes a lot of boredom out of writing monotone and frustrating SQL statements.

Universal SQL Editor is software which can highlight syntax.

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