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  • Soundop Audio Editor

    Soundop Audio Editor

    Soundop is a comprehensive audio editor for Windows that working seamlessly with audio editing and multitrack mixing in one application. Both audio editing and multitrack mixing have standalone workspace clearly organized for each task. You can process the audio source of multitrack project with full power without leaving the application. The overall process of audio production can be done in Soundop Audio Editor intuitively and efficiently.

  • J4L FO Designer 2.2.0

    J4L FO Designer 2.2.0

    XSL-FO PDF Report Designer and generator for Apache FOP and Oracle Apex. Graphical design tool of templates for converting XML to PDF. With this tool you load a XML file (and edit it) and with a few clicks you create a XSL-FO file which is used to convert your XML file to PDF. It also supports barcodes, charts , PDF forms, teamwork, SVN plugin, long text fields, HTML fields and more. I comes with 30 examples that show how to use each...

  • J4L Barcode Suite 1.2

    J4L Barcode Suite 1.2

    Java barcoding suite library. It supports all major linear standards like EAN13, UPC, CODE 128 (GS1 128), CODE 39 and also 2D symbologies as PDF417 (also Macro), QRCode (also Micro) or GS1 Datamatrix (ECC 200). Additional available symbologies are Micro PDF417, Azteccode , Maxicode (US Postal Service) and GS1 Databar (also known as RSS). The library provides plugins for Jasper reports. Eclipse Birt, Apache FOP, J4L FO Designer, Oracle APEX, Web Objects or Web pages (servlets or applets).

  • Database Tour Pro

    Database Tour Pro

    Database Tour Pro is a cross-database tool. It works with relational databases through the interface of the database engine choosen by the user. It was tested on Paradox, dBase, FoxPro, ASCII, CSV, Interbase, Firebird, Lotus, HTML, Oracle, SQL Server, MS Access, MS Excel, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite.

  • Mem Reduct

    Mem Reduct

    Mem Reduct is a real-time memory management application that enables you to monitor and clean system memory on your computer.The program uses internal Windows system features (Native API) to clear the system memory cache (system working set, working set, standby page lists, modified page lists) which forces Windows to release any memory that is no longer in use.

  • HandBrake


    HandBrake is an open-source, multi-threaded video transcoder that allows you to convert various video formats to MP4(M4V) and MKV.It supports most popular video formats as well as VIDEO_TS folder, DVD image, real DVD or Bluray (unencrypted -- removal of copy protection is not supported), and some .VOB, .TS and M2TS formats.HandBrake comes with pre-configured output profiles including settings for iPods and AppleTV. Advanced users can also customize the encoding settings with several advanced options.For those who use a Roku with USB option,...

  • Recent File Scan

    Recent File Scan

    Recent File Scan lets you quickly search your hard drive for recently changed files, allowing you to find files you may have misplaced or renamed incorrectly.The default settings will search for files in your Documents folder that have been modified within the last week, but you can extend the date range to cover a longer period and also change the search path to include other locations or your entire computer.In addition to the simple scan, the program also offers advanced search options...

  • HiBit Startup Manager

    HiBit Startup Manager

    HiBit Startup Manager enables you to manage all applications, services and tasks that run automatically whenever your computer starts.You can choose to disable/delete selected startup entries or add them to a delay timer to speed up your initial load time.In addition, you can right-click on each entry and research details with Google, scan the file with VirusTotal, move entries between different startup groups, get file information, view related registry entries, and more.

  • NetDisabler


    NetDisabler allows you to quickly disable your Internet/Network connection with the click of a button.You can choose to completely disable all network connectivity (including LAN) by choosing the "Disable Devices" option, or you can disable only Internet connections by using the "Block with DNS" or "Block with Firewall" options.Additional features include optional password protection to prevent others from re-enabling the connection and command line options for scripted functionality.

  • JoraChess 5.2

    JoraChess 5.2

    Virtual embodiment of chess will not disappoint fans of the classic chess game. New ideas constantly appear, with kings changing their crowns for example. Unusual Chess tournaments are regularly held.

  • Everyday Jigsaw 1.6.2

    Everyday Jigsaw 1.6.2

    A puzzle a day keeps the boredom away! How about a fresh and delightful jigsaw puzzle delivered to you every day? How about browsing a Treasury of eye-catching puzzles and getting ones you like to play with just a mouse click? How about turning your family photos and travel pics into beautiful jigsaws and sharing it with friends? Well, how about a FREE game with all these features? We've got it - Everyday Jigsaw, your personal jigsaw puzzle extravaganza. Now with over...

  • ClickTris 1.72

    ClickTris 1.72

    This game is very simple to play, anyone can enjoy this game. ClickTris is the game for everyone. And this game can be played on old or new computers, it does not needs new computer. It is a classical tetris game. Rules are very simple. During all game many pieces fall from top of window. Piece falls until landing on another piece or bottom of window. When pieces form horizontal line, this line erases and all pieces above fall down. You earn...

  • LineIt 1.67

    LineIt 1.67

    The aim of LineIt is to earn points, as much as you can. You have to move gem through free cells on the board. When 4 or more gems with same color will be connected in a row (horisontal, vertical or diagonal), these gems will be deleted from the board and you will earn points (4 points for 4 gems, 8 points for 5 gems, 16 points for 6 gems). New 3 gems appear every time you move any gem. Game over...

  • Becky! Internet Mail 2.74.00

    Becky! Internet Mail 2.74.00

    Becky! Internet Mail is an Internet e-mail client that runs on most Windows platforms. This software allows the users to create not only multiple mailboxes but also create multiple profiles for each mailbox. It supports POP3, IMAP4 and SMTAP with or without SSL. Becky! Internet Mail is developed with old C++ and optimized for Windows which response in every aspect. It offers great features like “Template” for the users to create template for everyday fixed works and save the time.  A “Reminder”...

  • Surf Anonymous Free

    Surf Anonymous Free

    Surf Anonymous Free is a free Internet utility that anonymizes your web surfing by hiding your IP address, thereby protecting you from the vulnerabilities associated with it. Surf Anonymous Free can connect to our servers and gets the most stable, fresh and fast working IP location called proxy. Then it puts that information in your browser such as Firefox, Internet Explorer or Opera. Your real IP address and location will become inaccessible. So you can browse with completely concealed identity. It's Easy,...

  • Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool

    Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool

      The diagnostic checks for brand identification, verifies the processor operating frequency, tests specific processor features and performs a stress test on the processor. The diagnostic can be configured to execute in one of two modes, presence test mode or verification mode. Additionally, it can be configured to enable (run) or disable (skip) individual default configurations are used for this mode of operation.

  • CAM System Information 3.5.30

    CAM System Information 3.5.30

      Monitor all your essential components on the Dashboard and receivetimely alerts that notify you when something is wrong. Gain access to a wealth of information including detailed graphs and in-depth stats. CAM overlay is highly configurable but also simple to use. Keeps tabs on your fps, temperatures, and much more in a clean, easy to read format.

  • EfficientPIM Free Portable

    EfficientPIM Free Portable

    EfficientPIM Free is a cross-platform personal information manager that can help you organize and plan your business and private life. With EfficientPIM Free you can keep track of contacts, appointments, tasks, to-do lists, birthdays, and much more. The software also gives you space for keeping notes, diaries, and even passwords. In order to be successful you need to be organized and efficient. With EfficientPIM Free all of the things you need to manage are located in one, easy-to-use interface. And you can...

  • PriMus DCF

    PriMus DCF

    Primus-DCF is a free and complete software that allows Engineers, Architects, Surveyors and building contractors to easily create bills of quantities and estimates for the building industry through a very user-friendly interface. Your monitor becomes your desktop where you will be able to open Price Books, Price Lists, Estimates and Bills of Quantities, consult them, insert, modify or copy parts of data from a source document to a destination document, and easily modify data with simple Drag&Drop operations. Thanks to the WYSIWYG...

  • Ditto


    Ditto is a network enabled clipboard manager that allows you to save items copied to the clipboard and optionally send them across the network to be shared with other users, and even keep the clipboards of multiple computers in sync. You can assign hotkeys to selected items, and quickly enter items by double-click or drag and drop.Ditto stores all snippets in an Access (.mdb) database, which can be searched, compacted and saved anywhere on your computer. Ditto is portable and supports U3...

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