Optimizze 16

Optimizze 16

License: Free
Language: English
Developer: Optimizze
Platform: Windows
File size: 37.35 MB
Last Updated: 2017-12-06

Optimizze 16

A comprehensive business management program
Fully modular ERP software, allows Optimizze all the daily management tasks of a company:

Customer and supplier management
Definition of groups, centralization of data, allocation of a language, VAT rate, currency and for each, payment details, summary on behalf of each company.

Find contacts both for the list of customers or suppliers by geography, grouped by job category and so on.

Inventory Management

Constant visibility of the movement. Knowing the state of stocks in real time in different production centres. Manage supplies and deliveries.

Article Management
Coding of articles, location, prices and promotion management, definition of a list of suppliers according to each element.

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