Cyberfox Portable 52.1.2

Cyberfox Portable 52.1.2

License: Free
Language: English
Developer: 8pecxstudios
File size: 83.49MB
Last Updated: 2017-05-09

Cyberfox Portable 52.1.2

Cyberfox Portable is an alternative web browser built on top of Mozilla’s Firefox browser and though unlike Firefox, is optimized for several different systems including those with a 64-bit operating system installed. It works perfectly with the newest versions of Windows like Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and the upcoming Windows 10 — all in its 64-bit glory.

As a portable application, it requires no installation and can be run directly from the directory that it is extracted in. In addition, it can be run on the platform. You can use Cyberfox on a USB memory stick or memory card.

Since it is based on Mozilla source code, this web browser features a similar interface to Firefox and can also take advantage of plug-ins and addons created specifically for Firefox. Not to forget, you can also import all of your Firefox settings into Cyberfox meaning switching to Cyberfox is easy and painless for the most part. After installation, this web browser will also automatically use all of your Firefox profile data so that you most visited sites, bookmarks, etc. will follow with you.

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