Avant Browser 2017 build 7

Avant Browser 2017 build 7

License: Free
Language: English
Developer: Avant Force
Platform: http://dl3.avantbrowser.com/absetup.exe
File size: 4.48MB
Last Updated: 2017-05-21

Avant Browser 2017 build 7

Avant Browser is certainly a contender as a stable, usable and feature-packed browser. Though the company behind Avant isn’t of the same size as competetors like Opera or Firefox, it manages to include more standard features without bogging down the speed when compared to Firefox and every single version after 2.5.

The strength behind Avant Browser is certainly the speed. It uses less memory and less CPU usage when compared to every other browser we’ve tested. Since it’s based on the same engine as Internet Explorer, it garners the 64-bit, multi-processor power which is definitely a plus for anybody running a modern computer system with a 64-bit OS (ie. 64-bit Windows Vista, Windows 7).

The memory management behind Avant is great, especially when you compare it to rival browsers which often crash the system when an interactive web site is causing your system to come to a stand still.

Instead of relying on millions of badly coded plugins, Avant Browser packs some very popular plugin-like features right into the browser which includes things like video downloading, anti-malware/anti-phishing/ad-blockers, web form autofillers, mouse gestures and an RSS reader.

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